Daff - Data Diff


Build a highlighter diff of two/three tables.

Type: class


new(align : Alignment, flags : CompareFlags)


  • align a pre-computed alignment of the tables involved
  • flags options to control the appearance of the diff


getComparisonState () : TableComparisonState
getSummary () : DiffSummary
  Get statistics of the diff - number of rows deleted, updated,
hasDifference () : Bool

Returns: true if a difference was found during call to hilite()

hasSchemaDifference () : Bool

Returns: true if a schema difference was found during call to hilite()

hilite (output : Table) : Bool
  Generate a highlighter diff.

Parameters: output the table in which to place the diff - it can then be converted to html using DiffRender

Returns: true on success

hiliteWithNesting (output : Tables) : Bool
isNested () : Bool
setCellBuilder (builder : CellBuilder) : Void
  If you wish to customize how diff cells are generated,
  call this prior to calling `hilite()`.

Parameters: builder hooks to generate custom cells