Daff - Data Diff


State of a comparison between tables.

Type: class




a : Table
  The reference "local" table.
a_meta : Meta
alignment : Alignment
b : Table
  The modified "remote" table.
b_meta : Meta
child_order : Array<String>
children : Map<String, TableComparisonState>
compare_flags : CompareFlags
  The flags that should be used during comparison.
completed : Bool
  Has the comparison run to completion?
has_same_columns : Bool
  Do tables have blatantly the same set of columns?
has_same_columns_known : Bool
  Has `has_same_columns` been determined yet?
is_equal : Bool
  Are the tables identical?
is_equal_known : Bool
  Has `is_equal` been determined yet?
p : Table
  The common ancestor ("parent") table - null if none.
p_meta : Meta
run_to_completion : Bool
  Should the comparison run to completion?


getMeta () : Void
reset () : Void
  Set the comparison back to a default state, as if no computation
  has been done.