Daff - Data Diff


Convert a tabular diff into html form. Typically called as render(table).html().

Type: class

Static Methods:

examineCell (x : Int, y : Int, view : View, raw : Dynamic, vcol : String, vrow : String, vcorner : String, cell : CellInfo, ?offset : Int) : Void
  Combine information about a single cell given row and column
  header information.  Usually `renderCell` will be much easier
  to use, this method is deprecated.
renderCell (tab : Table, view : View, x : Int, y : Int) : CellInfo
  Extract information about a single cell.
  Useful if you are doing custom rendering.


  • tab the table
  • view a viewer for cells of the table
  • x cell column
  • y cell row

Returns: details of what is in the cell




completeHtml () : Void
  Call this after rendering the table to add a header/footer
  and style sheet for a complete test page.
html () : String

Returns: the generated html, make sure to call render(table) first or it will be empty

quoteHtml (flag : Bool) : Void
render (tab : Table) : DiffRender
  Render a table as html - call `html()` or similar to get the result.

Parameters: tab the table to render

Returns: self, so you can call render(table).html()

renderTables (tabs : Tables) : DiffRender
sampleCss () : String

Returns: sample css for the generated html

toString () : String

Returns: the generated html

usePrettyArrows (flag : Bool) : Void
  Call this if you want arrow separators `->` to be converted to prettier