Daff - Data Diff


Describe and manipulate columns of a table.

Type: interface


alterColumns (columns : Array<ColumnChange>) : Bool
  Change the columns of a table.

Parameters: columns an ordered list of columns and the changes to apply.

Returns: true on success.

applyFlags (flags : CompareFlags) : Bool
  Apply flags to control future changes to table.

Parameters: flags the desired options.

Returns: true on success.

asTable () : Table

Returns: A table describing the columns of a table, if available. If a table is returned, it should have the same number of columns as the original, plus on extra initial column. Its header row should be the same as the original, with “@” in the extra column. Subsequent rows may have an arbitrary tag in the first column, followed by values to be associated with that tag for each column.

changeRow (rc : RowChange) : Bool
  Add, remove, or update a row of the table.

Parameters: rc the change to make.

Returns: true on success.

cloneMeta (?table : Table) : Meta
  Make a copy.  Deprecated.

Returns: a copy of this object.

getName () : String

Returns: a name for the table if it has one, otherwise null.

getRowStream () : RowStream

Returns: a streaming interface for rows.

isNested () : Bool

Returns: true if the table may be nested (containing subtables).

isSql () : Bool

Returns: true if the table is best accessed via sql.

useForColumnChanges () : Bool

Returns: true if the interface can make column-level changes.

useForRowChanges () : Bool

Returns: true if the interface can make row-level changes.