Daff - Data Diff


Run a comparison between tables. Normally you’ll call daff.Coopy.compareTables to start off such a comparison.

Type: class


new(comp : TableComparisonState)

Parameters: comp the state of the comparison, including the tables to be compared, and whether the comparison has run to completion.


align () : Alignment
  Access a summary of how the tables align with each other.
  Runs the comparison to completion if it hasn't already been

Returns: the alignment between tables

getComparisonState () : TableComparisonState

Returns: the state of the comparison (the tables involved, if the comparison has completed, etc)

getIndexes () : Array<IndexPair>
  Access the indexes generated during the comparison.
  The `storeIndexes()` method must be called before the

Returns: the indexes generated during the comparison after the storeIndexes() method was called, or null if it was never called.

run () : Bool
  Run or continue the comparison.

Returns: true if run() needs to be called again to do more work

storeIndexes () : Void
  During a comparison, we generate a set of indexes that help
  relate the tables to each other.  Normally these will be
  discarded as soon as possible in order to save memory.
  If you'd like the indexes kept, call this method.